“Empowering Change through Process Management”


As meeting and event professionals, one of the challenges we face is the lack of understanding and recognition from our executives. Management does not understand what we do, and they don’t know how to value our contributions to the organization.

A majority of executives think that when they are going to an event, either put on by their company or another, they simply get on a plane, check in to a hotel and show up at the meeting or event. All the pieces and logistics of making the event successful just magically happened.

A perfect example is the CMP certification, as meeting and event professionals, we understand the value of the certification. Does your HR department? Does your management team? Oftentimes, the CMP certification has value within our industry but not our organization. Lean Six Sigma for Meeting and Event Professionals (LSSMP) is a globally recognized certification that shows you know-how to implement the philosophy of LEAN (understanding what the customer values and removing waste from process), which is practiced religiously at Toyota through their Toyota Production System (TPS), and methodologies of Six Sigma (reduce variation in process), started by Motorola and matured at GE, into your meetings and events and ultimately your organization. HR and Management know how to value those skills.

Question: If you are doing a task for your customer that your customer does not value, why are you doing the task?
The beginning of Lean Six Sigma transformation

Contrary to popular belief, Six Sigma is not the domain of manufacturers alone. The service industry is filled with shining examples of companies that have adapted its principles to meet their needs and used Six Sigma to transform themselves. Read more….

LSSMP was founded by Robert J. Wilson, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, President of Meeting Evolution (ME). ME is an Events Industry Council (EIC) preferred provider. All LSSMP classes are EIC approved for CMP credits.

Belt Description Prerequisite Price
White High level overview of Lean Six Sigma including history, common terms and common tools. (45 minute video, 10 question test) None $19.95
Yellow Introduction to Lean Six Sigma tools that can be applied to meetings and events. ( 2 x 45 minute videos, 10 question test after each video) None $29.95
Green 2 hours of online teaching for 12 weeks, 20 hours of project support by instructor while in workplace. Participant must show proficiency in at least one Six Sigma tool applied to a workplace project. None $995
Black Coming soon Green Belt TBD